About Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee has been interested in occult and metaphysics subjects since young. Although he is a scientist by training, he knows many things in life cannot be clearly explained using science alone. Having said that, Shaun is careful of things which are mere superstition, and seeks adequate evidence to substantiate claims of such nature. After all, there is always a thin line separating superstition, metaphysics and science.

It was in year 2007 that Shaun decided to pursue his interests more seriously and embark on the formal study of Ba Zi and Feng Shui. Formal study means learning directly under Grandmasters, instead of self-learning from books. This is important because authentic Chinese Metaphysics knowledge are only passed down to next generation via “oral transmission”, and not via any published books. Shaun had to travel far and wide (China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong) to acquire these valuable ancient knowledge.

Today, Shaun conducts Feng Shui audits for businesses and homes and uses Ba Zi to uncover the archetypes of business owners. Shaun does not advocate the use of “feel good” ornaments in his Feng Shui cures. Instead, he promotes cures that will effectively alter the Qi (or energy) levels in the environment. This approach has helped improve his clients’ business, wealth, health, etc.

Money and Health, which is more important?

Money and Health, which is more important? The kind of answer you get from different people will depend on their current life status. If a person is currently healthy but poor, then he will say “money is more important”. If a person is currently rich but unhealthy, then he will say “health is more important”.

Creeper flowers on main gate

A client’s house had creeper flowers on her main gate. I asked if she is currently experiencing gossips and disputes at work. She confirmed there are more than just gossips and disputes. She had been bad-mouthed and backstabbed many times. I advised her to remove those creeper flowers, and she did. A few weeks later,

60 Jia Zi 六十甲子

In my earlier article, I have introduced the concept of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. Now I will further touch on how these two are being used in tandem to record time. Firstly, we need to stack a Heavenly Stem on top of an Earthly Branch to form a pillar. We call it a pillar

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches 天干与地支

Following my earlier article on Yin-Yang Five Elements, we shall now talk about the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. We know there are 5 elements in Chinese Metaphysics, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Now, each element is not by itself, and has its own Yin-Yang characteristic. That is, there are

Love matching using western horoscope, Chinese zodiac or Bazi 西洋星座,生肖或八字爱情配对

Many people like to use horoscope or zodiac signs as a way of seeking compatible boy/girlfriends. This is indeed a quick and convenient way of assessing love compatibility, as one only requires the other person’s birthdate (western horoscope), or just birth year (Chinese zodiac), and then match it with