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Love matching using western horoscope, Chinese zodiac or Bazi 西洋星座,生肖或八字爱情配对

Many people like to use horoscope or zodiac signs as a way of seeking compatible boy/girlfriends. This is indeed a quick and convenient way of assessing love compatibility, as one only requires the other person’s birthdate (western horoscope), or just birth year (Chinese zodiac), and then match it with

Solar vs lunar calendar and its impact on Chinese zodiac sign 阳历与阴历对生肖的影响

The Chinese uses two calendar systems, i.e. solar and lunar calendars. The Chinese solar calendar is to track the movement of earth orbiting around the sun. Incidentally, the western Gregorian Calendar is also a sun calendar, which means all days within the 12 months will add up to approximately 365 days. The Chinese solar calendar